Young Influencerz is directed by Hayley Cabral in collaboration with her husband, Master Gaucho Hilario Cabral. She began her influencer journey at the age of 7, creating stop motion animation shorts and graphic art. She used her skills in digital media to promote her career as a contortionist at the age of 14, where she successfully sourced job opportunities online, promoting herself using social media. With the use of digital photography and creative video editing, she captured the consciousness of theatrical agents and prestigious cruise lines, transforming her into an international performing artist and content creator.

Hayley still performs across the globe with her husband and the Lady Gaucho’s, but she has also found fulfillment in working with the next generation of performers & social media stars. Whether it’s via her online Skype coaching sessions or at the local Junior Gym in Van Nuys, California – Hayley enjoys passing on her knowledge & seeing her students learn and improve.


The mission of the Young Influencerz is to guide and encourage the future generation of social media influencers to truly express themselves, promote positive humanitarian efforts, and develop & grow their own unique personal brands!

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