Guess who just hit OVER 1,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel?

Young influencer Morgan Landrigan!

     Morgan Landrigan is one of our most popular Young Influencerz with over 60K on instagram! She came to the Young Influencerz camp with a goal – start her Youtube Vlog and hit 1,000 subscribers by the end of summer – and she NAILED IT! Morgan is an extremely talented and hard working competition dancer who loves to share her life with her fans online! Her instagram was blowing up, but she wasn’t getting the same traffic on her youtube, so she came to the Young Influencers program to get a head start on her vlog.

Morgan started off the summer with around 500 subscribers, but after making a few adjustments to her channel with guidance from the Young Influencerz director Hayley Cabral, Morgan was able to DOUBLE her following in just a few short weeks! How did she do it?

  1. THUMBNAILS: Morgan had FANTASTIC videos, but she wasn’t using Youtube Thumbnails! We showed her step by step how to verify her channel so she could upload her own personalized titles for her videos AKA Youtube Thumbnails! Thumbnails are important because they attract viewers to click on your video! Videos that have Thumbnails are more likely to be clicked on than ones that don’t and they make your channel look more professional, clean and interesting!
  2. END SCREENS: End screens are a GAME CHANGER! If you are not using end screens you are NOT using the full potential of the Youtube Platform! End screens are the little windows that come up at the end of your video that allow viewers to SUBSCRIBE or get directed to watch another one of your videos. This motivates viewers to subscribe to your channel and it keeps them on your channel watching LONGER! Morgan learned how to use end screens by watching this video we created for all our Young Intfluencer families:

3. KEY WORDS: When Morgan started using targeted Key Words in her titles, everything changed! By using key word “Disney Descendants” in her video of her performance at VidCon, she reached almost 200,000 views in just a few weeks!

We created this video with Morgan at Dream Magic Studios at Content Kids Summer Camp! If you like it SUBSCRIBE to her channel TODAY! She’s coming out with lots of fresh videos each week! Follow her on instagram @MorganLandrigan !

We wanted to get to know Morgan better so we set up this exclusive interview!

1. How did you come to be involved in this industry? I became involved in the Hollywood industry at age 9. My mom constantly had random people approach her that they loved watching me from dance competition and you tube videos and from my instagram page. So my mom took me to LA and got me signed with a dance/acting professional talent agency. Within the first 2 weeks I went to an audition and #bookedit
2. Who are some of the professionals in your field that you find inspirational and why? Initially I was inspired by Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms then I became inspired by kids in LA like KID DANCERS/ACTORS: Kyndall Harris, Autumn Miller, Ruby Rose Turner, Jojo Siwa, Skye and Navia( from Raven’s Home), Pinky Sparkles(Madeline Underwood) CHOREOGRAPHERS: Will Adams(Buildabeast), Nika Kljun, Dana Alexa, Phil Wright, Hamiliton, Guy Groove, and Matt Steffania, JoJo Gomez, Tricia Miranda, Deja Carter
3. What do you like to do in your free time? Besides dancing, Mountain Biking, Surfing, I love playing online with friends Fortnite and Minecraft, going to movies, I enjoy reading series like ” The Babysitter’s Club”, hanging out with friends, I am creative and like arts and crafts, I love makeup and watch the You Tuber “James Charles” and my favorite CLOTHES are by Brandy Melville. My favorite dance leotards are by “” and my favorite dance/acting accessories are I love going to new places in LA like museums…BUT WHAT I LOVE THE MOST ARE AMUSEMENT PARKS LIKE DISNEYLAND
4. Who are your heroes? My Mom because she’s strong and courageous. She put herself through college and is an RN. She takes care of our family and balances so much but mostly because she helps people that need it like donating things to the homeless or less fortunate.
5. What are your favorite subjects in school? I love Math and Social Studies and sometimes Science
6. What are some of your favorite movies/television shows? My favorite movie is “A Dog’s Way Home”(because I love animals) & Descendants series(Disney Channel) and favorite tv show is ” Dance Moms”(my BFF Gianina Paolantonio is on the show) & Lip Sync Shorties Battle series( because I was on it), I love everything Nickelodeon and Disney Channel & Animal Planet
7. What is the hardest thing you’ve had to do? As a dancer I express myself through my body language and movement though as an actor I have had to work really hard to overcome some obstacles like memorizing lines and just acting in general.
8. What are some of the most rewarding aspects of working as an actor/dancer? I love being on stage and in front of the camera and making the audience feel whatever emotion I’m trying to express. It is very rewarding making people smile, laugh, or even cry. My last Contemporary solo was ” Leave A Light On” and it was my highest scoring solo.
9. Future goals? When I grow up I want to go to college like my Mom and become a Registered Nurse. I love working with the young kids at the dance studio that I train at “The Urge Dance Complex”. I would love to be a professional choreographer in the industry and maybe one day own a Dance Studio. Acting and dancing at the end of the day is like therapy for me. It helps me get my frustrations out and lets me mentally relax. Even though dancing is a sport and takes alot of energy physically it still helps me release my anxiety about normal kid stuff like school, when my CAT went missing😭😿, friend problems, or even if I don’t book an audition then sometimes I just get sad but dancing and performing helps me cope.💖