Zander was 7 years old when he asked his mom to film his first Youtube video. He wanted to show off his Tech Deck toys and share some of his favorite tricks. The video went VIRAL and  has over 3,600,000 views! His Youtube Channel “Zander Zone” now have 12.9K Subscribers.  The craziest thing is that HE WASN’T EVEN TRYING TO GO VIRAL!! Now his channel is fully monetized and he is saving for this future!
How did he do it? We interviewed Zander and his Mom about his success!

Why did you start making Youtube videos with your son?
I started making Youtube videos with Zander per his request. At first I kept telling him no, there’s no need, but he kept insisting and seemed quite passionate about having his own channel. He even came up with the channel name “Zander Zone” on his own. After weeks of him asking me to set up his channel, I finally did, and honestly ONLY so that he stops asking me. I felt like it was going to be a waste of time and he’d forget all about after a while, but sat down with him and the “Zander Zone” channel born! Naturally he wanted to make a video right away. I recorded his first video with my iPhone, which was of him showing his tech deck ramps and showing a few tricks. We uploaded the video. That afternoon he wanted to make one more video showing his entire collection of tech decks, fingerboards, scooters, etc. I told him we already posted a video, but he begged me to record him doing just one more. I agreed. After uploading his second video, I said “No more for now”. I hash tagged it properly and chose the thumbnail to be a catchy colorful one. Zander was finally happy. And so was I (knowing he will finally stop being so persistent with wanting a Youtube channel).
What was your reaction when the tech deck video went Viral? 
Utter shock! It was Zander that broke the news to me a week after the first two uploads. He said, “Mom, my video has 160,000 views!” I thought for sure he misread the numbers and he probably only had 16 views, but nope! To my surprise I saw 160K!
What kid of opportunities have opened up for Zander through his Youtube channel? 
Many opportunities have opened up, such as:
– The indoor trampoline park “GRAVADY” now allows Zander to visit their park free of charge because he made a video on his channel reviewing their park!

– He was featured in the monthly newsletter of our neighborhood community in the Northwest valley for posting a video on how to keep “Kids at Play” street signs from falling over with the wind, ensuring the safety of children when they play outside their houses.

– The popular Facebook page “Rumble” a video content platform, asked if they can share Zander‘s “Puppy Burrito” video which got a lot of hits on their page once they shared it and it brought more traffic to the Zander Zone Youtube channel.

– The popular Scooter company out of Australia “SACRIFICE SCOOTERS” sent Zander their latest scooter model and asked him to do an Unboxing video.

-Jimmy Fallon, from NBC’s The Tonight Show featured Zander‘s “Sharpie Challenge” video on his show and on Jimmy’s Instagram story

What is Zander‘s favorite part of making Youtube Videos? 
Zander: It’s fun because you get to do cool things and video record them and show them to everyone on Youtube to see.
How do you deal with Online Haters? 
Zander: I just ignore them. If they don’t like my videos I don’t care because there is more people that do like my videos then the ones that don’t. They are just being bullies.
What would be your best piece of advice for moms who want to create a successful Youtube channel for their kids? 
Zander: Make sure that the kids have good content and that they don’t talk quietly in front of the camera. They have to be happy and excited in the videos
What does Zander want to tell kids who want to start doing Youtube videos but don’t know where to start? 
Zander: They have to start with having a cool title for their channel and they have to say “please” to their mom or dad and have them help with creating the channel.
What is Zander‘s aspirations for being a YouTuber? 
Zander To reach the Silver Play Button some day. And after that I hope to one day have the Diamond Play Button.
Whats the most important thing you have learned from creating Youtube Videos?
Zander: “The most important thing I have learned is that it makes me happy to do what I like to do and it’s thanks to my mom for allowing me to make a channel.”
MOM: I will be honest, two years ago when Zander asked me to make him a Youtube channel, I was skeptical and kept saying no, all while paying attention to how much he wanted it. I knew there was no harm in making a channel for him and I trusted his instincts for wanting to do this. So the most important thing I have learned is that as a parent, you have to listen to your kids. Hear them. Give them the attention they deserve, because children will listen to you, after they feel listened to 🙂
Any last advice Mom? 
Zander is like any kid, he is your average 9 year old. He loves playing basketball, riding his scooter at the skate park, and playing Fortnite. He does well in school and is a well behaved boy. Any kid can become a successful Youtuber. Success is not made by what you have, but by who you are.