On-Camera Coaching

Personalized acting coaching from Master Instructor Janice Kent. Work on your on-camera technique, get comfortable talking to the camera, learn your angles and prepare yourself for YouTube success as you develop your unique personality to share with the world!


Use you talents as a dancer, gymnast or specialty act to connect with your audience! Dance is a fantastic way to communicate your emotions and its super entertaining to watch! Work with our crew of professional dance and specialty act artists to create show-stopping content that will blast your view count through the roof!

Social Media Coaching


You will learn how to navigate the Youtube Platform as we take you step-by-step through the process of creating an exciting and interactive channel
Learn tips and tricks of how to increase your following on youtube
We show you how to optimize your channel so your viewers subscribe and stay watching on your channel LONGER!


Learn how to utilize Facebook to increase your social outreach and bring your platform into the forefront of your target audience


Use Instagram to take your influence to the next level! Instagram in the most POPULAR platform used by young adults and it is MOST influential for brands and businesses.
Learn how to post effectively using tags, creating engaging Instagram stories and transform your account into a functioning business tool.

Channel Direction & Personal Brand Consultation

Having a little trouble deciding on what to make your channel about? We can help!
We take you step-by-step through the process of coming up with your perfect channel idea and give you a plan to accomplish your goals as a Young Influencer

Video Editing

Young Influencerz are unique because they are the stars and creators of their own content!
Learn how to edit your own videos with Imovie to create Youtube style videos your viewers will LOVE
Get personalized coaching on how to edit your video to keep viewers’ attention and utilize chroma key video art!

Graphic Design Coaching

Young Influencerz that create their own digital media are ahead of the game! We teach you HOW by giving you the tools of how to create graphic designs that will make your channel POP & grow your personal brand.

Need more help? We can design custom logos, YouTube Banners, Title Screens, Thumbnails and MORE for your channel!

Accountability Coaching

Accountability coaching is like having your best friend encouraging you along the way to achieve your dreams when you need it the most! Sometimes you feel like NO ONE is there to support you and you feel your own insecurities and doubts stopping your progress. WE BELIEVE IN YOU because we believe EVERYONE has something special to offer the world.

When you sign up for accountability coaching, we keep you on top of your game by checking in with you regularly to monitor your progress, give you advice and support. Most of all, we keep you focused on the GOAL and make sure your taking the steps you need to get there so you can achieve your success FASTER!